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When your friend becomes an active donor for our Split program or decides to move forward with our Keep program, you'll earn a $200 Visa gift card and your friend will also earn a $50 Visa gift card.*

What our members are saying

"I want the option to have children, but I am just not ready yet. It’s incredible that I can help other couples who may not be able to conceive."

- Mary, Split member

"Living in New York made budgeting to freeze my eggs nearly impossible. Cofertility's Split program made the process more financially accessible for me and added the massive bonus of being able to help someone with their fertility journey."

- Anne, Split member

"I love that I’m able to freeze eggs for myself while also giving to others. This meaningful act is something that I’m honored to do and thinking about what this could lead to floods me with happiness."

- Kristin, Split member

Our programs

If you want children someday, egg freezing may help keep that option on the table. We stand for choice and offer two accessible programs:


Freeze and store half of your eggs retrieved for up to 10 years for free when you donate the other half to a family who can’t conceive otherwise.


Freeze and store your eggs for your own future use, with lower prices on things like storage and access to our community.

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Hi, we're Cofertility

We believe everyone deserves autonomy over deciding if or when to start a family. Egg sharing provides optionality and accessibility to those planning for their reproductive future. 

Our unique egg sharing model empowers women to take control of their own reproductive health while helping another family at the same time. With our Split program, members can freeze their eggs entirely for free when they donate half of the eggs retrieved to a family that can't otherwise conceive.

While kids may be off your radar today, you deserve to own your family building timeline. Egg freezing can help keep your options on the table.

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